Reveal Liner Mahogany

£34.72 exc. VAT
Reveal Liner 150mm (Mahogany)
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£38.62 exc. VAT
Reveal Liner 175mm (Mahogany)
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£41.19 exc. VAT
Reveal Liner 200mm (Mahogany)
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£49.18 exc. VAT
Reveal Liner 225mm (Mahogany)
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£53.28 exc. VAT
Reveal Liner 250mm (Mahogany)
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£60.10 exc. VAT
Reveal Liner 300mm (Mahogany)
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£85.39 exc. VAT
Reveal Liner 400mm (Mahogany)
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Key Information:

Manufacturer:  Homeline

Product Length: 5m

Product Width: 150mm, 175mm, 200mm, 225mm, 250mm, 300mm or 405mm

Product Thickness: 9mm

Return Leg: 38mm

Accreditations: BSI Approved

Guarantees:10 years

Product Type: uPVC Mahogany 9mm Reveal Liner

Other: Available in a range of colours including, Light Oak,  Black, Grey, Irish Oak, Green and Cream, all of which are protected by 'Heat Shield Technology' to prevent warping or discolouration.

Manufactured by Homeline Building Products the uPVC Mahogany Reveal Liner will cap over existing timber fascias that are in a sound condition.

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