EasyRidge Universal 6m Dryfix Ridge Kits

£67.46 inc. VAT
£56.22 exc. VAT
Easyridge F Ultimate Dryfix Ridge Kit 6m
£67.46 inc. VAT
£56.22 exc. VAT
Easyridge F Full Terracotta Ridge Kit 6m

Key Information:

Manufacturer : Easytrim

Kit contents:

1 x 6 metre Easy Ridge F Roll

10 x Ridge Batten Brackets

13 x Universal Easy Ridge F Ridge Unions

1 x Fixing Kit


EasyRidge F is Easytrim's 6 metre dry ridge kit.  All the components are of high quality and manufactured to make installation quick and simple.  The 6 metre ventilated ridge roll is made with extra butyl ensuring a quality water seal, the super strength nylon 'ratchet' clips give superior strength and durability, and the stainless steel fixing packs guarantee long term durability.  Clay and concrete tiles are no problem with Easy Ridge F's universal 'ratchet' unions.  

Available in Black or Terracotta.

EasyRidge dryfix ridge kit