GAP Supplies an extensive range of Sheet Materials, including Polycarbonate, Hygienic Cladding, Acrylic Sheets, Roofing Glazing Bars, Rigid Foam, Extruded Acrylic and Corrugated Sheets. Plus Conservatory Roof Kits, Gazebos, Door and Window Canopies and Carports.

We have a specialist Sheet Materials depot down in Southampton (formally known as Formerton Sheet Sales) that services the entire depot network. The experienced team are always on hand to share their knowledge, experience and advice. Whatever the application, they have something to suit your next project.

Hygienic Cladding

Our Hygienic Cladding is manufactured by Palram and available in a wide range of colours, including White, Granite, Black, Jade, Peacock, Grey, Enchanted, Bluebird, Siren, Candy Floss and Sugar Plum. We supply the cladding in two sizes – 2440mm x 1220mm and 3050mm x 1220mm, both 2.5mm thick. Hygienic Cladding is extremely versatile and suitable for a range of applications such as kitchens, wet rooms, pool areas, kennels, hospitals, dentist surgeries and more.


  • Hygienic & food grade High impact strength
  • High chemical resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Excellent fire rating performance
  • Easy to install & fabricate
  • Completely waterproof
  • Easy to clean & no grout
  • Recyclable
  • UK & European Food Preparation compliant
  • High fire rating self-extinguishing BS 476 part 6 & part 7, Class 1

Hygieinc Cladding

Multiwall Polycarbonate

Our Multiwall Polycarbonate is manufactured by Brett Martin and used for Conservatories and Leans-tos, among other uses. We supply a range of sizes and thicknesses plus a heatguard range. Available in Clear, Bronze and Opal.


  • Lightweight and high-impact resistance
  • Extremely durable, weather and UV resistant
  • Blocks virtually all UV radiation
  • Superb thermal insulating properties
  • High-light transmission
  • Solar control options
  • High-performance fire rating –  self-extinguishing with no emission of toxic gases
  • Easy to handle and install

    Bronze Multiwall Polycarbonate


Extruded Acrylic

Our Extruded Acrylic is suitable for both indoor an outdoor applications. We supply our Extruded Acrylic sheets in a wide range of sizes and colours. The Sheets are UV resistant and often used for signage, retail displays and light fixtures.


  • Over 90% light transmission
  • Inherently UV resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Easily formed or fabricated
  • Easy to mount
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good thermal insulation
  • More flexible than glass

 Extruded Acrylic

Rigid Roam PVC Sheet

Rigid Foam PVC Sheet is most often used for advertising. It is lieightweight and durable making it perfect for signs, displays and exhibition boards. We offer a choice of colours including White, Black, Red, Yellow and Grey. Both Matt and Gloss finishes are available plus all the accessories and trims you need to complete your installation.


  • Optimally designed for  digital printing
  • Bright white, smooth and  uniform surface
  • Available in a wide range  of standard and special designer colours
  • Standard matt or gloss finishes
  • Good insulation and lower heat transmission
  • Flammability: self-extinguishing and non-toxic
  • Easily worked with conventional tools, prints and paints
  • Easily bonded, formed, nailed  and bolted
  • Low-water absorption
  • High-chemical resistance

Rigid Foam

Corrugated PVC Sheet

Corrugated PVC Sheeting can be used for a lot of different applications - Greenhouses, shelters, walkways and canopies are all popular uses. Lightweight and incredibly strong, the Corrugated Sheeting is an easy choice for both DIY and commercial projects.   


  • High-impact strength – resists breakage
  • Easily handled, quickly installed
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • High chemical resistance
  • Fire retardant – meets the  highest standards
  • UV & weather resistant Non-corrosive - does not rust  or corrode
  • Enables arched roofs and  curved walls

Corrugated PVC

Clear Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

Our Clear Solid Polycarbonate is a high quality plastic which is available in a variety of thicknesses. It gives the transparency of glass, but stronger and half the weight, making it ideal for roofing and security glazing.


  • High-impact resistance -  virtually unbreakable
  • High-clarity and light transmission
  • Blocks virtually all UV radiation
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Wide service temperature range
  • Protects against harmful  UV radiation
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Versatile and malleable
  • Fire resistant
  • Other colours and tints available

Clear Solid

Glazing Bars and Accessories

We don’t only supply the polycarbonate, but all the Glazing bars and accessories needed to finish your installation. The bars are available in White and Brown and in a range of different sizes and strengths. These are only recommended for use with polycarbonate and not glass.


  • Self support bars up to 6m  free span
  • Rafter support bars up to 7m
  • Purlin bars
  • Easyfit top caps
  • Pressure fit top caps
  • All bars come complete with caps, gaskets, cap screws,  stop ends and mounting plate

Glazing Bar


Manufactured by Evolution, the /Canopy is a stylish choice for a number of applications including Carports, Patio canopies, smoking shelters, porches and covered seating areas. Easy to install, the Canopy is ideal for commercial, domestic and DIY applications.


  • The system is manufactured in maintenance free powder coated aluminium in white as standard with any RAL no. colour available at extra cost and lead time
  • The canopy is glazed with 16mm triple wall UV stabilised polycarbonate sheeting offering greater flexibility in canopy design with enhanced strength and rigidity, available in clear, bronze or opal tints
  • The standard canopy range is available on a 5 working day  lead time
  • The eaves beam cleverly double’s as an integral box gutter utilising the support posts as down pipes with the rain water exiting through the variable height post feet
  • The system can accommodate pitches from 5 degrees to 20 degrees, on standard modular kits the maximum projection is achieved at a pitch of 5 degrees
  • As well as the standard lean-to configuration the system can be specified as a gable roof design with the wall plates bolted back-to-back to form a ridge supported between two host walls or as a free standing option supported on posts

Car Port

Stop by your local depot for a quote or call our specialist team on 02380 332 761 for some expert advice on any of our Sheet Material products. Download our Sheet Materials brochure here.

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