Polytop Pins and Nails Chartwell Green

£31.76 exc. VAT
65mm Polytop Nails (Chartwell Green) (Green 9)
Add 20 for a Pack
£31.76 exc. VAT
30mm Polytop Pins (Chartwell Green) (Green 9)
Add 20 for a Pack

Key Information:

Manufacturer: Polytop

Product Length: 30mm or 65mm

Product Material: A4 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Pins and Nails

Product Type: Chartwell Green Coloured Polytop Pins and Nails

Box Quantity: Pins box of 250. Nails box of 100

Designed to be a perfect colour match to Chartwell Green Fascias and Soffits, the Chartwell Green Polytop Pins and Nails will provide the discreet and secure fixture of Chartwell Green uPVC Fascias and Soffits.

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