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The Over Fascia Protection can be used in both new builds and refurbishment projects. It directs water away from the underlay in the gutter, preventing ‘ponding’ behind the fascia board.

Prices from £3.01

The 25mm Over Fascia Ventilator allows a 10mm air gap over the top of the fasica board. It also has a 4mm grill to prevent insects or rodents entering the roof space.

Prices from £2.03

The Over Fascia Ventilator features a unique low profile design.

Prices from £2.81

Designed to fit with the Over Fascia Protection, the Bird comb filler prevents unwanted animals from getting underneath the roof tiles.

Prices from £1.15

The Jumbovent (Combed) provides both ventilation to the roof space whilst also protection in the form of a bird comb to prevent animals getting under the roof tiles.

Prices from £4.02

The Jumbovent (Standard) can be used for roofline refurbishment projects to replace rotted gutter felt or in new build applications. It also provides additional venitlation to the roof space.

Prices from £3.64

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