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Manufactured by Soudal the Decorator Caulk is ideal for neatening areas that require slight movement, this includes around door frames, window frames, skirting boards and staircases. Paintable after curing.

Prices from £2.22

Manufactured by Soudal the Fix ALL High Tac sealant and adhesive is mould resistant and is designed to quickly bond weights of up to 320kg.

Prices from £12.95

Manufactured by Soudal the Fix ALL Turbo is a super - fast setting adhesive and sealant (within 20 minutes).Suitable for all weather and mould resistant this fantastic product is an easy to use and can be used for a range of projects.


Prices from £16.07

100% Crystal Clear, the Soudal Fix ALL Crystal is a mould resistant and virtually invisible bonding solution, suitable for most materials and all weather.

Prices from £13.26

Manufactured by Homeline Building Products this super glue is ideal for a range of applications including uPVC Fascias, Soffits, Joints and Corners.

Prices from £2.74

When used in conjuction with Super Glue Soudal's 200ml Super Glue Activator will ensure an instant and strong grab.

Prices from £7.98

Gap Filler is a one part, solvent based, PVC resin for sealing, bonding and filling PVC and PVCu materials.

Prices from £11.66

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