Plastic Headed pins and nails from GAP are perfect for fixings plastic upvc fascia boards and soffits to the roof rafters to provide a neat and discreet fixing point.

Plastic Headed pins and nails are a must buy for all uPVC roofline applications. GAP also stocks a wide range of cladding pins and direct frame anchors (DFA'S) used extensively to install windows and doors.  

Product Information:

Plastic Headed Pins and Nails:

Plastic Headed Pins - 25mm, 30mm, 40mm. (Zinc plated A4 marine grade stainless steel).
Plastics Headed Nails
– 40mm, 50mm 65mm. (Zinc plated A4 marine grade stainless steel).

  • Marine grade A4 stainless steel ensures no rusting which caused discolouration.
  • Plastic head will not snap or crack when hammered.
  • Annular ring shank for better grip.
  • Matching colours Homeline fascia boards.
  • Colour will not fade easily, white guaranteed.

Homeline Direct Frame Anchors (DFA's):

  • Self Tapping Direct Frame Anchors - no plug required.
  • High Strength - stress free fixing.
  • Efficient - 30% Less drive-in torque required.
  • Universal for Masonry and Concrete.
  • Perfect for installing windows, doors and Rockdoors
  • 6mm SDS Drill bit Required



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