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Thousands of properties across Lancashire benefit from the security of a Rockdoor, but while the doors protect homes and businesses they can also make it difficult to enable access in emergency situations.

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While acknowledging the high levels of safety and security against burglary that a Rockdoor affords, Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service also identified the access issue challenging the emergency services.


Keen to assist, Rockdoor opened its Blackburn facility to the Service, allowing them to operate an ‘on-site’ training day. This enabled the firefighters to experience, at first hand, the specialist tools and force required to gain access through a Rockdoor, should the unlikely situation arise.


For this exercise, Rockdoor provided a rig containing 3 different doors, affording the firefighters valuable practice using new state-of-the-art cutting equipment and different entry techniques to gain access to the UKs strongest composite door.  Rockdoor engineers were present throughout, providing technical information, expert advice and assisting the crews as required.


Group Manager Alan Walker of Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service commented on this unusual move by the Service. "High-security doors intended to keep burglars out create a challenge too for firefighters with the legitimate reason for breaking in to rescue people. We'll allow nothing to compromise our ability to rescue people without delay, so by approaching market leaders Rockdoor to help us devise entry techniques for firefighters but not for burglars, we knew we'd face no tougher challenge to get it right first time.


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