GAP LST’s Part of Successful DfT Trial

We are delighted to announce that the government has now approved the use of longer articulated lorries on roads in the UK, following a successful trial period which GAP have been taking part in for the last two years.

The LST’s are approximately 20% longer than standard trailers used at the moment, which not only increases our loads being delivered throughout our depot network, but greatly improves our fuel efficiency around the UK.

Put into perspective, we can safely add up to six more stillages on to the same vehicle, which equates to 170 lengths of 150mm uPVC Fascia board or more than 3,000 lengths of Window Trims!

According to the BBC, it is estimated around 70,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide will be prevented from being released into the atmosphere over the next 11 years.

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Joint MD, Charles Greensmith, believes the trial period has benefitted GAP largely over the two-year period:

“The trial period has brought a great deal of positives to GAP over the last couple of years, mainly improving our stock loads around our depot network, increasing the availability of our PVC-U building products nationwide.

“When we were selected by the DfT in 2021, we were delighted to become part of an innovative scheme that is clearly looking to benefit companies such as ourselves, whilst simultaneously playing our part in reducing carbon emissions on the road and striving towards a greener future.”

With the government originally set to decide before 2027, the green light given almost four years early appears to be a resounding success for the use of LST’s for commercial and industry-wide transportation.

Now that the use of LST’s has been formally approved, GAP will be able to continue rolling out improved stock levels nationwide, which has certainly proved so far to be a helping factor in the competitive market we operate in.

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GAP LST’s Part of Successful DfT Trial