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GAP is pleased to introduce a new range of window and door packers, designed specifically with installers in mind.

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For many years, window and door packers have only been widely available in large box quantities of a 1,000, which were generally aimed at the window fabricator market, or small quantities in multipacks where you never have enough of the size you need. As the market has now evolved and adapted, we are now able to offer more specific sized window and door packers in handy ‘installer’ packs of 100’s.

Using packers on window and door installations is essential for achieving the best results, and will make an installer’s job significantly easier and less time-consuming.

As a special introduction to the new range, all types of new window and door packers are available to buy at your local GAP Depots at low introductory deals.

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Our promotion includes outstanding prices on Flat Packers, Klip Frame Packers and Flexible Corner Glazing Wedges, and will run from Monday 27th October to the end of January 2015.

The Klip Frame Packer is particularly useful in providing a slip-free and reliable packing solution for window frame installation, and simply ‘klips’ into a fixed position for installing once applied.

Visit your local GAP Depot today to find out more about our range of packers.

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