New Product: Xpert Body Suction Lifter

GAP is pleased to announce that the Aluminium Body Suction Lifter is now available throughout all GAP Depots.

The Xpert Body Suction Lifter is a must buy for use with our Homeframe uPVC Windows, and has been introduced to offer fitters an easier and more effective method of handling weighty loads such as glass and plastic sheets.

The Suction Lifter is a heavy duty, secure handling tool made from solid Aluminium, and has the potential to lift material of up to 120kg - compared with most standard 100kg suction lifters.

It's suitability covers all smooth, air-tight surfaces like glass, plastic, metal, coated wood and marble.

More about the Xpert Body Suction Lifter:

  • Heavy duty
  • Large 115mm suction pads
  • Maximum load capacity: 120kg
  • Lifting direction: Parallel
  • Suction Cups must be well maintained to avoid malfunction
  • 10 year life expectancy

Make sure to visit your local depot today to find out more about the Xpert Body Suction Lifter!

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