New Wagons Enter Service

GAP are delighted to announce the delivery of seven new state of the art HGV trailers, as part of a substantial upgrade to their current fleet, as the company lays the foundations to facilitate more depot openings.

Parts of the current fleet will be phased out over the course of the next year to make way for the brand new trailers, which will reduce GAP’s carbon footprint and provide a more efficient and effective service for customers.

Deciding to improve the current fleet was one of the companies’ top priorities, with Simon Bird from GAP explaining why: “Given the uncertainty we’ve seen in the past couple of years across the industry, customers need to feel assured that we working hard to perform as effectively as possible to satisfy their needs and meet service level expectations.

“Investment in our fleet to improve our delivery service for customers, whilst decreasing our carbon footprint at the same time, is not only great investment in the short-term but also for the environment in the long-term.”

Boasting a greater efficiency than the current fleet, the new eye catching trailers are designed to produce less carbon emissions than their predecessors, reducing the companies emissions.

The new trailers feature an increased load size compared to GAP’s current fleet, meaning deliveries to the depot network can carry more stock, whilst also transporting more of GAPs made to measure products including Rockdoor and HomeView bi folds, which were recently introduced. With current depots stretching from Inverness to Southampton, it was important for GAP to further modernise its fleet and pave the way for more depots to add to its network.

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New Wagons Enter Service