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With Rockdoor.com recently undertaking an impressive makeover to WOW homeowners and help them understand why a Rockdoor is the best composite door on the market, we have had to change the way you order a Rockdoor slightly, the same system is used and there will be no change to log in details, however, it needs to be accessed in a slightly different way.

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How to Order a Rockdoor

If you have the Ordering Portal saved as a link, then there are no changes for you, continue to use this link and order Rockdoors in the same way you usually would.

For those that do not have the link saved, you can order by accessing the Ordering Portal directly, or by visiting our Rockdoor Information Centre where you will be able to Design & Order a Rockdoor, and access a host of Rockdoor literature including our new Lifestyle Brochure and the ‘Your Choice’ brochure.

If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us on 0845 313 1012 or call in to your local GAP depot.

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Ordering your Rockdoor through GAP | Gap.uk.com