Rockdoor and Rehau. A Perfect Fit.

Rockdoor, the high security composite door brand of GAP, now features an improved Rehau outer frame to ensure ‘A Perfect Fit’.

As part of a continual improvement programme for Next Generation Rockdoors, an important upgrade has been made to the door’s outerframe, by changing to the widely respected Rehau chamfered profile.

Rehau and Rockdoor

Rockdoor customers will benefit from a stronger outerframe with steel reinforcing included as standard, a deeper rebate to ensure flush fitting of the sash within the frame and a vastly improved Q-Lon gasket seal for excellent compression and thermal performance.

In addition to the benefits that the new Rehau frame provides, an upgrade has also been made to all sideframe coupling bars, by increasing to a 20mm Aluminium inline coupler as standard.

Together, these improvements will increase the overall strength of Rockdoor considerably, whilst making installation easier. It will ensure the homeowner has an improved experience of their Rockdoor when opening and closing the door.

Simon Bird, GAP’s Joint Founder, commented on the improvements made. “Over the last 18 months, our team at Rockdoor has worked tirelessly to introduce many new product improvements to ensure the Next Generation Rockdoor is future proof. The introduction of a new Rehau frame, together with the new aluminium reinforced box section which provides total 360˚ strength around the full perimeter of the innerframe, we hope demonstrates to our customers we will do whatever it takes to ensure our doors stand the test of time and keep homeowners safe and secure.”

All new orders placed for Rockdoors will feature the new chamfered Rehau profile and stronger coupling bars as standard.

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Rockdoor and Rehau. A Perfect Fit.