Rockdoor Five Star Installations

Rockdoor, the UK’s most secure composite door exclusively available from GAP, has launched a new Five Star Installation programme to help customers and reduce remedial issues that could be encountered.

It’s no secret Rockdoor has strengthened its reinforcing to successfully eliminate bowing in the last 12 months. So as part of their commitment to a continual improvement process, they’ve updated their Installation Guide, whilst also producing a detailed colour coded Trouble Shooting Guide to help all customers, from seasoned installers to those that install Rockdoors less frequently.

Five Star Installation Guide

Rockdoors new Five Star Installation guide provides an illustrated step by step guide to fitting the perfect Rockdoor.

Not all doors need to be installed the same way. GRP or timber composites door for example aren’t as heavy or secure, so the attention to detail and number of fixing points required isn’t as important.

With a strong and secure Rockdoor however, its important the doors are installed as we recommend, to ensure they can operate perfectly in years to come.

Included in the Installation Guide are five simple checks that should be made at the end of every installation to ensure the Rockdoor can perform as you expect. If these can be ticked, then the door will perform as expected.

From 1st July, every Rockdoor leaving the factory will include the new guide.

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Trouble Shooting Guide

As much as we’d all like it to, door installations don’t always go to plan, so Rockdoors new Trouble Shooting Guide is a comprehensive document designed to help installers identify any issues that may arise and provide corrective steps that should be taken.

If you or your team then need to speak to our customer service department, you can do so referencing this useful colour coded document. We also created a new consistent universal language to help when talking to our team so we can all make sure we a clear on the issues. These are mentioned in more detail within the guide, but are Head GAP, Side GAP, Viewing GAP, Operation Check and Hinge Lock Check.

Click here to download the guide now. Content Image

Homeowner Guide

Rockdoors new Homeowner Guide provides more information to homeowners and recommends ways to maintain the performance of their door, through tips like lubricating the latch and striker plate regularly. Although this may only seem a small tip, it makes a huge difference to a homeowners perception of their door and the installation leading to more recommendations.Homeowner Guide



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Rockdoor Five Star Installations