Rockdoor Strengthened with Carbon Fibre

Rockdoor are the only composite door manufacturer to use Carbon Fibre!

Rockdoor, the leading composite door brand of GAP, leads the way by using Carbon Fibre to provide unbeatable strength and thermal performance.

Carbon Fibre is the material of choice for products that require unbeatable strength and durability as a focus, one of the many reasons why it is often used in the military, aerospace and Formula 1 cars … and Rockdoors.

Rockdoors range of ‘Ultimate’ composite doors feature a Carbon Fibre reinforced inner frame that is so strong it’s capable of withstanding phenomenal force.   The Carbon Fibre is used to reinforce both the lock side and hinge side. This means that the hinges and locking mechanisms used in a Rockdoor, are secured through the Carbon Fibre, and not timber.  

Another great benefit of Carbon Fibre is that it will not allow heat to escape, resulting in the heat that you pay for, staying where it is needed, inside! Doors that are reinforced with wood or aluminium simply cannot compete with an Ultimate Rockdoor when it comes to strength or energy efficiency.  Carbon Fibre reinforcing allows Rockdoor to boast the only range of composite doors that can achieve A++ ratings.

Within the range of ‘Ultimate’ Rockdoors there are over 24 styles to choose from, including stable doors, french doors and of course, front and back doors – there is a style to suit all, as we’re a believer that the need for exceptional security should not be compromised by style!

With customers now being able to order Rockdoors at or via your local GAP depot, it couldn’t be easier.

Want to know more?

View our range of Ultimate Rockdoors by downloading our Rockdoor brochure or ask for more information at your local depot.

What to see Carbon Fibre being used in our doors? Take a look at our video ‘How it’s Made’ and see first-hand what goes into making the UKs strongest composite door. 

Rockdoor: Not all doors are made equal.

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Rockdoor Strengthened with Carbon Fibre