A guide to A-Rated Rockdoors

Already known to be the strongest and most secure door, Rockdoor is now able to offer the largest range of glazed A-Rated doors too – now that’s A fact.

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Door Set Energy Ratings (DSER’s) are fast becoming one of the main selling features of composite doors with homeowners across the country, especially if they are being sold the benefits of A-Rated windows.

Industry testing criteria has changed recently as a result of CE markings meaning it’s now even harder for other composite door manufacturers to achieve an A-Rated door, especially for manufacturers of timber core or thinner slabs.

At Rockdoor, part of GAP, we have retested all our doors with Certass and Build Check to ensure we are fully compliant with the new CE legislation.

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To make it a little easier to understand energy ratings, and determine which door styles can achieve an A-Rating, we have created a handy guide for Rockdoor installers to use when talking to their potential customers.

Download our new user friendly guide to choosing an A-Rated Rockdoor today or for more information about A-Rated Rockdoors please check out Rockdoor.com/A-Rated.

If you’re selling A-Rated Windows – A-Rated Rockdoors are a must.

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